“US Open March Moments” is a bracket-style tournament to determine tennis fans’ favorite moment in the US Open’s rich history, with the winner determined by voting on Twitter

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have famously never squared off on the court in Flushing Meadows, but thanks to our March Moments tournament, the two have now at least battled it out in the US Open's digital arena.

On six occassions, the legendary rivals came within one round of a New York encounter, only for the dream matchup to fall through at the final hurdle. There were no such issues in our fan-vote bracket, as the signature US Open moments from both champions both stormed to the final, earning at least 60 percent of the vote in all but one of their matchups along the way. 

Federer's fifth consecutive US Open title (2008) earned 59 percent of 1,164 final votes to win the crown as the ultimate US Open moment, topping Nadal's 2010 triumph, which completed the Spaniard's career Grand Slam. The Maestro's magical feat was the top vote-getter in each of the first four rounds, topping 70 percent of the vote in each, before the more closely contested final.

We can only hope this is an omen and that we will soon see Federer and Nadal—37 Grand Slam singles titles between them—trading blows in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Full voting results from the quarterfinal, semifinal and final rounds are below, with links to full stories on each individual moment. Complete results and story links from earlier rounds can be found in our Round 2 recap and Round 1 recap stories. 

For fans who entered our accompanying sweepstakes for 2019 Opening Night tickets, a random drawing will be conducted in early April, with the winner to be notified shortly thereafter.

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March Moments - Final bracket ()

Quarterfinal results:

[53%] Arthur Ashe wins first US Open (1968) def. [47%] John McEnroe/Bjorn Borg final (1980)

[62%] Rafael Nadal's career Grand Slam (2010) def. [38%] Serena Williams' first title (1999)

[78%] Roger Federer's fifth straight title (2008) def. [22%] Unseeded Agassi's first title (1994) 

[62%] Andre Agassi's farewell (2006) def. [38%] Jimmy Connors' wild-card run (1991)


Semifinal results:

[64%] Rafael Nadal's career Grand Slam (2010) def. [36%] Arthur Ashe wins first US Open (1968)

[74%] Roger Federer's fifth straight title (2008) def. [26%] Andre Agassi's farewell (2006)


Final results:

[59%] Roger Federer's fifth straight title (2008) def. [41%] Rafael Nadal's career Grand Slam (2010)