As every US Open fan knows, the action at America's Grand Slam is always sizzling. But the high heat and humidity of the first week has been particularly oppressive, and the USTA urges fans who come out to enjoy the action at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center to exercise caution during their visit. Once again on Thursday, the Extreme Heat Policy for both men and women players is being implemented, so if the players on the courts are taking special precautions, fans should as well.

All fans are urged to stay hydrated and seek shade as often as possible during the day. Remember, plastic water bottles are allowed on the grounds, but cans and glass bottles are prohibited. It's also important to remember to use sunscreen, and the USTA policy is that tubes or plastic bottles of sunscreen are allowed on the grounds, although aerosol cans are strictly prohibited.

The USTA strongly encourages all US Open fans to be smart, be safe, stay cool and have fun! We want you safe; we want you back. Enjoy your time here at the US Open!