US Open officials on Wednesday clarified the tournament's policy on players changing clothes after France's Alize Cornet was given an unsportsmanlike conduct code violation for taking off her shirt behind the baseline during her first-round match the previous day.

Cornet had left the court to change into a new shirt between the second and third sets of an eventual loss to Johanna Larsson on Court 10. When she returned, she noticed her shirt was on backward, prompting her to take it off and put it back on the correct way. That act was deemed a violation by the chair umpire, but tournament officials today clarified its position.

"Players who do change their shirts will not be assessed a code violation," US Open Director of Communications Chris Widmaier said Wednesday. "We regret that Ms. Cornet was assessed a code violation. However, luckily, she was assessed a warning only and there was no further penalty above a warning.

"When possible, if a more private location is near a court and is requested, that player will be allowed to go to that private location to change, and they will not be assessed a bathroom break. We follow WTA proceedures regarding bathroom breaks. A quick change of attire will not considered one of their two bathroom breaks."

In a statement issued Wednesday, the US Open said all players can change their shirts while sititng in the player chair and that this does not constitute a violation. The statement said no code violations for similar actions will be assessed going forward.