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An Interview With: Kei Nishikori

Monday, September 1, 2014

Q. It was a hard-fought battle. Goes five sets, late into the night. How gratifying is it to win a match like that?

KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, it's going to bring confidence for sure for the next round. Yeah, really tough five sets. I had a chance in tiebreak in that third, especially. Hard to lose like that. I was up and make double faults and, you know, very tough to concentrate again. But tried to fight every point, and when I have to, you know, play well, I did. Took some chances. I broke his serve almost I think every set. And especially I was playing like normal. I was playing terrible in the first and second and I was a little bit tight. I mean, so was him too, I think. Very happy to win today.

Q. After you had to take some time off because of the toe injury, did you think coming into the US Open you were fit enough to maybe play five-set matches like this?

KEI NISHIKORI: Yes and no. I was doing a lot of training, but not tennis-wise. I start playing points a couple days ago before the tournament. I wasn't expecting big result like this, but, you know, after the first round I get more confidence on my foot. You know, it's all good now. A little bit left today tennis-wise, but also tough to play Milos. He doesn't give you rhythm. A lot of aces and very aggressive. You know, try to look forward for the next one and total recovery, recover for my body, and try to relax tomorrow.

Q. Can you talk about how a late finish like this affects your schedule, when you expect to finally get to bed tonight, and just moving forward the next few days.

KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, I never had something like this. Played five hours few years ago against Cilic, and I had dead after that match. But now I'm little more stronger than before, so should be okay. I'll try to recover tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be very important, you know, try to have good practice and good preparation for next one. Hope I can do better tennis again next one.

Q. How great was it for you to have the support of the fans that stuck around and saw the match?

KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, very happy to see a lot of people even 2:00 at the night. I don't even know how they go back home (laughter). Very happy to play like that. And also, thanks to my team believe in me until the end. It's always fun to play here.