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An Interview With: Tommy Robredo

Monday, September 1, 2014

Q. You have beaten him consistently. Now you lost twice in important matches. What is difference? Did he change, or...

TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, in the sport, anything can happen. Always depends the way you arrive, the way you are playing. In Australia I arrive dead and he arrive with only one-and-a-half matches in fourth round. I was very, very tired and he was playing amazing and he deserve it. Today I arrive a little bit tired, as well, but I think I did a pretty good match. I don't know. I think that today the key point was the third set. I had a lot more chances than him and he got it. After that, it was very tough for me to keep fighting till the end, because I was really, really tired. Anyway, I think I did a great tournament, a great match. I'm leaving thinking that I left a good opportunity for a couple of points maybe.

Q. What happened between you two on court there?


Q. Seemed like in he said something to you and you said something back.

TOMMY ROBREDO: No, it's something that can happen in a match. I think he did something not nicely, and I just told him if he had a problem today. But that's it, nothing to talk about.

Q. Waving his racquet?

TOMMY ROBREDO: No, no, nothing.