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An Interview With: Eugenie Bouchard

Monday, September 1, 2014

Q. Did you need to get any kind of treatment after the match?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yeah. I spent a bit of time with the doctors and physios here just trying to recuperate a little bit. That's what I have been doing.

Q. What was it? What was the issue?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I was feeling very light headed and dizzy on the court. You know, just seeing things a little blurry. You know, feeling well physically on the court is very important to me, so when I don't feel that -- I just generally didn't feel good.

Q. Did you come on the court not feeling well, or do you think it was just the heat as the match was progressing?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I think it developed as the match went on. You know, middle of the first set I started not feeling great. But, you know, I have had a few late, tough matches here, and I don't think I, you know, fully recovered from those. You know, I was feeling it a little bit yesterday, as well. Yeah, I think that's what happened a little bit.

Q. Did you ever experience that before?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I have in the past. I remember as a junior a few times in Australia when it was hot I felt this way. Last year here actually in the second round I felt it a little bit. You know, once in a while I get a little bit light headed. That's what happens.

Q. Did you ever consider retirement?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: No. I never want to retire from matches no matter what. I was going to play on for sure.

Q. What's your sort of emotion on how this tournament ended for you? Obviously you seem pretty disappointed.

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yeah. I'm always disappointed to lose, and especially, you know, not -- you know, I gave my full effort, but not knowing that I could give everything. But, you know, I didn't have the highest expectations from myself for this tournament. Since Wimbledon it's been a little bit of a struggle with nagging injuries. You know, even at the beginning of this tournament I said, You know, I know I haven't had the proper preparation. I have really cut down on practice time. That affects you in a match, especially after a few tough ones late at night. I'm not concerned at all, but with all that and with not feeling great in my tennis, I still battled to the second week of a slam. So there's positives. After resting a little bit I'm going to hit the practice courts.

Q. How do you think you go about getting back on track for the next day, weeks, months, whatever it takes?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I'm going to rest a bit now and then get to practice and, you know, really try to push it in practice so I can feel great on the match court. I think that's the most important thing. I look forward to some tournaments in Asia.

Q. How did expectations change for you after Wimbledon?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: They changed a lot. You know, I definitely felt a lot of outside expectations and pressure, you know, to win matches. You know, I felt more like it's normal if I win and it's a bit more of a disaster when I lose. But that's something that I need to, you know, block out. It's what I have been working on. I feel like I have been dealing with it well generally to really, you know, just go back to the basics, focus on my tennis. That is what's has gotten me to this point, so I just need to keep going on that path.

Q. With the end of your slam season, can you sum up this year now for yourself?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Well, the year is not over, for sure, so I don't want to look back and do a kind of recap. But, you know, I think I have made great strides this year. You know, just playing at this high level week in and week out is something I need to get a bit more used to, you know, how physical it is, as well. But I'm proud with how I have improved as a player and as a person. I'm looking forward to the end of the year. I want to finish on a good note.

Q. Are you surprised with how fast it all happened for you? Seems like junior and then top 10 practically.

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Little bit, because I remember just two years ago being here in the juniors. It feels definitely like it's come fast. But, but, you know, I have worked so hard and I believe in myself that, you know, once I started clicking in the pros and I say started making good progress, I just kept going. I don't want to put limitations on myself. I haven't done that, and I think that's why I have had, you know, more continuous good results. So, you know, that's important. I want to keep doing that and just keep trying to get better.

Q. How are you feeling now?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Ah, better. Spent a few hours with the doctors and trainers. They wouldn't let me come earlier to press, so... I feel a bit better, but I'm going to definitely rest a little bit and wait until I am 100% before I start training.

Q. Did you have to have an IV or anything?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: No, I did not do that. They didn't want to. But, you know, just a lot of ice. Ice towels for a couple of hours.

Q. What did they say was the problem? Was there a specific thing that you were suffering from?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Well, they think the heat got to me a little bit. And, you know, they know I probably was more tired than usual from the past few matches. You know, I think I did well to push myself through those matches, but I also need to have the endurance. I haven't had that in the past few months, basically. So it's not, you know, a huge surprise to me. It's disappointing, but, you know, I know there's kind of no reason to worry. Once I, you know, do a lot of good training I can compete at this level for two whole weeks hopefully.