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An Interview With: Jack Sock

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Q. Hey, just take us through the match, what happened out there.

JACK SOCK: Yeah, there was a ball like late in the second set where I slid out like I usually do and just felt a little strain in my calf, outside of my right calf. Just hindered my play and I wasn't able to go 100%, so decided to stop.

Q. Is this something that happened during the match? Because it looked like you were getting ready fine. Is this something that unfortunately just happened during the match?

JACK SOCK: Yeah, it happened late in the second. Got into the set, and -- yeah, it sucks, because obviously my favorite tournament of the year and I wasn't able to finish the match. Hopefully I can get it better for doubles.

Q. Talking about doubles, obviously sounds like you still are determined to recover as fast as possible and hopefully have a great run in doubles here with Vasek?

JACK SOCK: Yeah, if I can. Hopefully it's not too serious and something I can just get some treatment on over the next few days and see how it feels for doubles.