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An Interview With: Kei Nishikori

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Q. Your performance today, quite happy with the way you played?

KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, very happy. You know, I was playing really well, almost perfect game. Couple of things have to work on still but, you know, happy to win today. You know, not easy first match after injury. You know, very solid match today.

Q. You mentioned the injury. How are you feeling?

KEI NISHIKORI: Oh, it's been pretty good, actually. I fell a couple of times during the court, but otherwise, you know, almost perfect. Didn't affect my game. So it's been feeling really well.

Q. You come in here ranked 10th [sic] in the world. That's a reflection of some very good play this year, couple of titles. Do you feel as confident now as you ever have entering a Grand Slam tournament?

KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah. I think the confidence helped my game today, because didn't play for two weeks tennis. Just start play points couple of days ago. Still I was playing almost same level as usual, you know, couple months ago. So I think the confidence coming to game by game. Yeah, I think my ranking is up and almost top 10. I know how important is this tournament, and so hopefully I can go farther this week.

Q. I know it's difficult to look ahead, but your next match -- you have gotten to the fourth round here before, but how badly do you want to exceed that performance of 2008 and get beyond that? Is that a big goal of yours?

KEI NISHIKORI: I don't know, you know. Like I had injury and it's first tournaments of my coming back, so actually I don't hope any, you know, good result. But, you know, I try to play one match at a time. Another one, tough one, next. Pablo Andujar. So play one match at a time.

Q. Talk about that next match [against Spain's Pablo Andujar]. What do you expect?

KEI NISHIKORI: You know, he's very solid from the baseline, you know. He doesn't have much weakness. Forehand/backhand, both good shots. I think he's return well, and, so, you know, I have to stay focused on my game, my service game, especially, because I didn't have high percentage today. Hopefully I can gain more percentage next match. But if I can keep playing good, I think that's very important for me.