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Best quotes of the 2015 US Open

August 29, 2015 - Simona Halep is interviewed during the 2015 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, NY.

US presents the 2015 US Open in the words of those who made it all happen: a he said/she said compendium that says it all.

“I came here with a wish and a mission.” — Novak Djokovic

“That intensity, that feeling of the battle, heat of the moment: personally, that's what I live for.” — Victoria Azarenka

“I admire Serena Williams, because, I mean, who doesn't admire Serena Williams?” — Johanna Konta

“The journey towards success is not always easy or upwards.” — Eugenie Bouchard

“Electric melon.” — Bethanie Mattek-Sands, describing the color of her outfit

“Nerves are normal. You can't be cured from them unless you're a machine.” — Venus Williams

“Pressure is part of what we do. It's always present.” — Novak Djokovic

“Once you find that peace, that place of peace and quiet, harmony and confidence, that's when you start playing your best.” — Roger Federer

“You go through the pain barrier out there on the court.” — Lleyton Hewitt

“I love tennis. Without it I don't know what I would do.” — Donald Young

“There's always another record, then there's always another person to catch up with or to pass.” — Serena Williams

“Miracles can happen.” — Unseeded Italian Roberta Vinci, who halted Serena Williams’ quest for the calendar-year Grand Slam

“I think she played literally out of her mind.” — Serena Williams on her loss to Robert Vinci

“Everyone has to call 'time' at some stage.” — Lleyton Hewitt, who played his last US Open

“This is the way that I would like to say goodbye to tennis.” — Flavia Pennetta, who announced her retirement only moments after winning the women's singles title

“It's just simple: just keep fighting and keep believing, try not to show weakness out there.” — John Isner

“Everybody has something to lose. You have points to lose. You have money to lose. You have opportunity to lose.” — Victoria Azarenka

“I used to chip and charge some, you know, back in the day.” — Roger Federer

“Her drive and fight is unmatched by anyone.” — Madison Keys, on Serena Williams

“I don't have idols. But that's closest thing that I have: him.” — Rafael Nadal on Tiger Woods, who sat in his box at the US Open

“I don't have big muscles. I'm not tall. I have power inside. I fight.” — Simona Halep

“John can hold easy, that we know.” — Roger Federer on power server John Isner

“I think it’s the best moment of my life.” — Roberta Vinci on her epic semifinal upset of Serena Williams

“Every opponent is a new opponent. Trust me, they don't give a crap how many matches I have won.” — Johanna Konta, who took a 16-match win streak, including Challengers and qualifying, into the round of 16

“I was never pegged to be the next great American tennis player by any means. I wasn't a prodigy. I'm a late bloomer. Whatever happens, I'm proud of what I've done.” — John Isner

“The serve is the only thing you know about yourself when you play tennis. If you make it right, you make it right. Nobody can touch you when you serve. Nobody can disturb you. You have the ball in the hand.” — Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

“I kind of put myself in this mindset where time doesn't really exist that much. There is no past or future. I just try to stay really in the present.” — Victoria Azarenka

“I try to update as much as possible. You don't want to be in the past.” — Venus Williams

“Me not showing any emotion is not the best for me. I've tried that. It kind of bottles up, and then at some point explodes.” — Donald Young

“He sweats more than anyone I've ever seen.” — John Isner, on Jack Sock

“I can only blame myself.” — 2014 runner-up Caroline Wozniacki, who went down in the second round

“It's not supernatural. It's something normal.” — Simona Halep on her inner strength

“Everyone in this room knows that Venus is probably one of the greatest people on the tour. She's really great. She's super professional. Complete opposite of me.” — Serena Williams

“She is a great athlete, man or woman. I think there are a lot of guys who would love to be able to do what she can do, especially on a tennis court.” — Sam Stosur, on Serena Williams

“Everybody loves Roger. He's the best player ever.” — Stan Wawrinka, on countryman Roger Federer

“We sort of came up with that name ‘Sneak Attack By Roger’ — SABR. I don't know. Call it ‘Fed Attack,’ call it whatever you want.” — Roger Federer on his new chip-and-charge attack on his opponent’s second serve

“Two sets to zero against Rafa? Maybe you have to go to Lourdes.” — Fabio Fognini, after coming back from two sets down to upset Nadal in the third round

“This tennis world, this tennis community, is very much a bubble, and it's very easy to get lost in here. You know, there is a real world out there still.” — Johanna Konta

“Awkward gestures, clumsy gestures, fist pumps. I just do whatever I feel like is right in the moment. If I need to be hyped, I'm hyped. If I need to talk to myself, I talk to myself. Whatever it takes to win, I'm going to do it.” — Victoria Azarenka

“I will always be the older sister. That's never going to change.” — Venus Williams

“We're sisters, we're roommates, we're all that.” — Serena Williams on her sister Venus

“It's great to be part of evolution of this tournament and the court that is officially the biggest court we have in this sport.” — Novak Djokovic

“If I cared deeply about what people thought of me, I probably would have never made it out of Compton, California.” — Venus Williams

“I'm not the kind of guy who wakes up angry.” — Roger Federer

“Everything that he can do on a tennis court, it's second to none.” — Lleyton Hewitt on Roger Federer

“He did things that no other player's ever achieved.” — Roger Federer on Lleyton Hewitt, who played his last US Open

“With Rafa, you have to risk. You have to attack him when you have the chance.” — Fabio Fognini

“I'm not going to be hitting a ton of aces, I'm not going to be slapping you off the court. I'm going to have to find other ways.” — Donald Young

“Serena is kind of an inspiration for everyone who is on the tour.” — Petra Kvitova on Serena Williams

“I'm not invincible. I'm no Serena Williams.” — Johanna Konta

“I don't really feel like if I win this tournament it's going to make or break my career.” — Serena Williams

“That's what I love about kids: they don't care about anything else but who you are as a person.” — Victoria Azarenka

“You can be stubborn and successful or you can give it up a bit and change things around. For me it's important to have a bit of both.” — Roger Federer

“He just hit the ball a little bit more properly than me.” — Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on his loss to Marin Cilic

“I'm used to the Australian crowd being on my side.” — Bernard Tomic on his win over Lleyton Hewitt

“I was a little bit emotional. A bit.” — Belinda Bencic, who wept out of frustration during her second-round win over Misaki Doi

“I have two lives, and all the problems I might have, I feel like I drop them once I step on to the match court.” — Roger Federer

“Draws happen.” — Madison Keys

“I haven't exactly grown wings or anything. I'm happy with how I have been playing so far this week, but my feet are firmly on the ground. I haven't cured cancer or anything.” — Johanna Konta

“It's not as natural for me as it was for him.” — Novak Djokovic on the serve-and-volley game, something his coach, Boris Becker, was known for in his heyday

“I don't want to talk about how disappointing it is for me. If you have any other questions, I'm open for that.” — Serena Williams, who fell short in her quest for a calendar year Grand Slam

“Even snow couldn't have helped me today.” — Simona Halep after her semifinal loss to Flavia Pennetta

“Each year represents new challenges and obstacles. You have to adjust.” — Novak Djokovic

“Roger took the game to a new level, and then Rafa. It was obviously bloody hard to keep up with those guys.” — Lleyton Hewitt

“I'm just happy he didn't scream at me.” — Donald Young reminiscing about his days as a ballboy for one of John McEnroe’s matches

“There's just nothing like playing on Arthur Ashe Stadium. It's truly amazing.” — Caroline Wozniacki

“Even if you're the greatest of all time, people are not just going to give it to you. It's a great lesson.” — Eugenie Bouchard

“She's not focused on the attention, she's focused on her tennis. So she's focused on the important things, and the results show.” — Venus Williams on her sister Serena

“She just kept going. I was like, ‘Go big or go home! You might as well destroy it!’” — Bethanie Mattek-Sands on CoCo Vandeweghe, who obliterated her racquet during their match

“Everybody's got their problems. The important thing is not to complain about it.” — Venus Williams

“I feel that love. I feel that energy. I always felt that energy when I'm playing in New York.” — Rafael Nadal

“I won't be turning into Novak anytime soon.” — John Isner on his ever-improving return game

“Everyone is fighting like crazy because it's the last Grand Slam. When you play the Grand Slams, you just have to give everything you have.” — Simona Halep

“I'm like, ‘God, the guy never misses.’” — Serena Williams on playing ping pong with Stan Wawrinka

“When you get into that habit of winning, it gets – I don't know if you call it contagious – but it gets to be a habit. She's developed an unbelievable habit.” — Venus Williams on her sister Serena

“We don't talk about tennis. I figure she knows what she's doing. I mean, what am I going to tell her?” — Venus Williams on her sister Serena

“It's been a privilege playing here 17 times.” — Tommy Haas

“Lately they've been saying they've been inspired by me and they wanted to do like me, help and be like me. It gives me chill bumps to know that they feel that way.” — Serena Williams on her fans

“It's perfect in there.” — Nick Kyrgios on Arthur Ashe Stadium

“I think my father is probably the best coach ever because if we talk about numbers, he's got a lot and he's only had two players.” — Serena Williams

“I'm looking for, I think, what most of the players are looking for here, and that's the trophy.” — Novak Djokovic

“I am No. 8 in the world. I am not No. 100.” — Rafael Nadal, addressing concerns about his fall in the rankings

“It's a privilege to hold the trophy, and now it's time to celebrate.” — Nicolas Mahut, who with Pierre-Hughes Herbert became the first French duo to win the US Open men’s doubles title

“It has been the best thing that has ever happened in my life.” — Novak Djokovic on becoming a father

“Twenty-seven titles. Brugnon, Lacoste, Borotra, Cochet — oh là là.” — Frenchman Pierre-Hughes Herbert on the legendary Four Musketeers, who combined for 27 Grand Slam doubles championships but never won the US Open

“I can't remember a thing I said. Dead serious. I don't know what she asked.” — Trailblazer CoCo Vandeweghe after she was interviewed mid-match by ESPN’s Pam Shriver, a first in professional tennis

“He's kind of lifted my spirits a little bit. He believes in me.” — Eugenie Bouchard on Jimmy Connors, whom she worked with at the US Open

“Everyone kind of jumped on the bandwagon last year and were super quick to be at my throat this year.” — Eugenie Bouchard

“I will not run the New York City Marathon this year.” — Caroline Wozniacki

“I'm a competitor. I'm a gamer. I love being out on the court competing.” — Bethanie Mattek-Sands

“It's not so simple to just stay in the moment and trust your game and your strength that you can turn it around.” — Roger Federer

“Whoever is across the net, I want to win. Whoever that person is, that's the day I want to win.” — Venus Williams

“I've always made some legendary comebacks since 1998 when it first started. So that's kind of just been my MO for my whole career.” — Serena Williams

“I remember walking out for the final, Pete Sampras is out there at the coin toss. Ivan Lendl is actually doing the coin toss. These are two guys I grew up idolizing going to the Australian Open every year. It was a surreal feeling, but it gave me confidence for the rest of my career going out there and being able to play well in those situations and not be in awe of the situation.” — Lleyton Hewitt reflecting on his first US Open final in 2001

“It's not something I think about every day. Wake up, brush my teeth, look in the mirror, like, ‘What has my impact been?’” — Venus Williams on her legacy

“For everybody is a start and for everybody is an end. We still here, but tomorrow we not going to be here. Sampras was here. He's not here anymore. Connors, McEnroe, everybody pass. The sport continues.” — Rafael Nadal

“You learn so much from your parents. We grew up in a home where we were definitely taught to be confident. I definitely give me parents a lot of credit.” — Venus Williams

“I feel a quarter Indian.” — Martina Hingis, who captured with mixed doubles title with India’s Leander Paes

“There was a guy wearing American flag pants.” — Shelby Rogers on one patriotic fan

“It's thrilling and it's an honor to be part of something bigger than your own self.” — Venus Williams

“I've never felt invincible. I've never used that word to describe me ever.” — Serena Williams

“You're the best in the world, so you deserve those little perks along the way if you can get them.” — Sam Stosur

“If I would go out against some of these players and see them as their ranking, then I probably would have already lost before I even stepped on the court.” — Johanna Konta

“When my boy arrived in this life, on this planet, it was completely a new dimension of experience for me and my wife. I'm still riding on the wave of that experience.” — Novak Djokovic

“I'm pretty sure I have "High School Musical" and stuff on my iPod.” — Madison Keys

“I've seen 120 mph serves every single day of my life. But the 135s from that angle, no, not so much.” — Roger Federer on 6-foot-10 John Isner’s serve

“I'm out there for myself. I'm playing tennis for me.” — Bethanie Mattek-Sands

“It was 90 percent you guys, 10 percent me." — Donald Young to the crowd after dismissing Viktor Troicki in the final pro singles match on the historic Grandstand

“I played one of the best matches of my career.” — Kevin Anderson, who upset Andy Murray to reach the first Grand Slam quarterfinal of his career

“I was sweating like a pig out there. It was disgusting.” — John Isner on his loss to Roger Federer

“I love metaphors. I've never been on this train. … If I'm standing on the middle of a track, I'm definitely going to get derailed. I have to make sure that I'm on the train and not in front of it.” — Serena Williams

“I had a little childhood dream come true.” — Johanna Konta on playing in Arthur Ashe Stadium

“To be a well-rounded person and know what's going on in the world around you, to have a perspective outside of your sport, is important for every athlete. I'm blessed that our parents gave us that.” — Venus Williams

“It's something I really love to do. I mean, I don't see myself without tennis.” — Flavia Pennetta 

“Twenty days ago my physio asked me if I was if I never think that I can win a Grand Slam or be in final of Grand Slam, and I said no.” — Flavia Pennetta

“The fact that nobody played tennis in my family and you'd say by chance they make three tennis courts in front of the restaurant that my family owned when I was 4, I think that's a destiny. That's kind of life circumstances that kind of come together for you to become who you want to become.” — Novak Djokovic

“One thing I do have is guts. I will go for it. My whole life is about perseverance, just trying to find a way to succeed. Sometimes the chips are against you; sometimes they fool you.” — Leander Paes

“I think it's an incredible moment for all Italian people.” — Roberta Vinci on the all-Italian women’s singles final

“I never thought I’d go so far. I never thought I’d be a champion. It’s a dream come true.” — Flavia Pennetta