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They said it: Day 2

American CiCi Bellis defeats 12 seed Dominika Cibulkova.
By Olivia Wittels
Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ANA IVANOVIC: “I started to read psychology and I started to feel all of that in myself. No, there is a bookstore, Barnes & Noble, down the road from my hotel. That's an easy one to visit. I really enjoy psychology. I think it's amazing what human mind can or cannot do depending on how you perceive situation. I think it never exhausts. You can always learn more and more. That's what I enjoy. I still read. You know, I try sometimes not to be over in that area. I try to read something on the light side, but I still go back to that."

SAM QUERREY: “I like Quizno's.”

NOAH RUBIN: “I'm taking art history, writing, astrology... astronomy, sorry. And intro to Judaism.”

JOHN ISNER: “Oh, the rules of the game. Well, I'd go a tiebreaker in all fifth sets of slams. I like it here. That's for certain.”

EUGENIE BOUCHARD: “I would allow fans to come in between every game and allow them to be louder and more into it. I think it would be more fun for them, and I think tennis is a sport where maybe the fans are kind of told to be the most quiet and, you know, really obey the rules. So I think it be would just be more fun and appealing to fans if they could get into it if they want to and if they could kind of come in as soon as they want to without waiting for so long. I remember being a fan and having to wait two games. It's tough.”

BORNA CORIC: “We need to stay out of the injuries or how to go crazy in the head, so we see who's going to make it to the Top 10 or even better.”

PETRA KVITOVA: “Yeah, I mean, after winning Wimbledon, I moved to No. 4, [which] is great. I don't know if it's gave me some confident, but it still is a number. I already was there. So I know how is it feeling. Yeah, not really like special right now.”

CICI BELLIS: “I don't know really where they got that. I haven't posted that at all about Justin Bieber. Yeah, I used to like him when I was younger, a couple years ago.”

VICTORIA AZARENKA: “I talk to myself. I curse at myself. I pump myself up. Whatever it takes to do, I don't really give a damn how it looks really because when I'm in the moment I need to be me and I need to do me.”