US Open National Playoffs

2012 Sectional Qualifying Results

Date City, State
Section  Men's Winner  Women's Winner  Mixed Doubles Winners
May 19 - 21  Scottsdale, Ariz.  Southwest Brian Battistone Stephanie Vlad Brian Battistone/Nicole Melichar
May 26 - 30 Clearwater, Fla. Florida Eric Hechtman Sandra Roma Ryler DeHeart and Megan Fudge
June 2 - 5 College Park, Md. Mid-Atlantic  Matt Brooklyn Nika Kukharchuk Sophia Abelson and Pjotrs Necajevs
June 8 -13 West Windsor, N.J.  Middle States Punch Maleka Anna Mamalat Ron Mercer and Stephanie Smith
June 11 - 15  Claremont, Calif. Southern California Dante Cipulli Mayo Hibi West Nott and Alison Ramos
June 11 - 17 Flushing, N.Y. Eastern Nikita Kryvonos Magda Okruashvili Alison Adamski and Keith Kessler
June 14 - 17 West Haven, Conn. New England  Nolan Paige Jan Abaza Meghan Kelley and Daniel Quiceno
June 18 -23 Arlington, Texas Texas Jon Wiegand Peggy Porter Samantha and Harrison Adams
June 18 - 24 Salinas, Calif. Northern California Nicolas Meister Giuliana Olmos Hilary Barte and Nicolas Meister
June 21 - 25 Minneapolis, Minn. Northern Evan Song Nyla Beenk Jessie Aney and Eric Frueh
June 28 - July 1  Prairie Village, Kan. Missouri Valley Clement Reix Mary Weatherholt Madison Westby and Blake Boswell
June 30 - July 3 Mason, Ohio Midwest Chris Wettengel Alexandra Mueller Josh Osswald and Lilia Osterloh
June 29 - July 3 Alpharetta, Ga. Southern Adam Lee Natalie Pluskota Lindsay Lee-Waters and Marcus Hurtig


Men's, Women's, Mixed Doubles Championship

Clement Reix and Alexandra Mueller won the the 2012 US Open National Playoffs Men’s Singles Championship and Women’s Singles Championship, respectively. Nicole Melichar and Brian Battistone won the 2012 US Open National Playoffs Mixed Doubles Championship.


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